i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want tO DESTRYO YOU AT MAR IO KART



I sometimes I wonder if Arryn and Barb look on tumblr of the rwby fandom and Arryn laughing to herself like “hahaHAH look at our little shipping bees”


Grabbed from reddit, but it&#8217;s such an amazing idea that I couldn&#8217;t help myself.  More bars, coffee shops, and stores in general should do this. 

Grabbed from reddit, but it’s such an amazing idea that I couldn’t help myself.  More bars, coffee shops, and stores in general should do this. 

Normal is an illusion. what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
- Morticia Addams (via mrsmorticiaaddams)


Imagine J.K. Rowling pulling a Beyoncé and releasing another Harry Potter book at midnight on July 31 with no warning can you even imagine the chaos that would ensue


Nora tho.


Nora tho.

title: Murder! Murder!
artist: AH Ryan Haywood
album: Let's Play The Last of Us Multiplayer
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  • Katie: Will there be any queer characters on RWBY--any bi or--lesbian--
  • Matt: LGBT.
  • Katie: Yes.
  • Monty: Sure. Absolutely. The best part about that is, you know, maybe they're there now because they're kids. We're on a path to try and help them discover themselves, so, I mean, I don't even think we need to make that decision right away because as we write these characters, we learn about them and help them figure themselves out. They're very real to us. We're definitely not opposed to it. I--a lot of us are for it, even. I have some cast members and some crew members who are like 'this would be really cool' but the thing is we can't just shove it out there. It has to be earned, which is the better way to do it, and a lot of these characters we try and look at them outside of their genders. We'll want to do what's natural for them and best.

cast of spongebob dubs classic movies